About Us

Who We Are

DUMHC or Diverse Understanding Mental Health Counseling LLC, is the creation of Geraldo Pagan a licensed mental health counselor who, while working in the field, noticed that there was a shortage of Latino licensed mental health practitioners in Massachusetts and, more specifically, the Merrimack Valley. Wanting to do something to change this reality he decided to follow in the steps of several of his colleagues who started their own practice.  Much of the population in the Merrimack Valley lack culturally and linguistically appropriate services.   


Geraldo Pagan, LMHC has been working as a behavioral health counselor for over 10 years.  The founding member, director, lead therapist of DUMHC, he holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in mental health counseling.  Geraldo is licensed in Massachusetts and has a deep commitment to the community.  As a certified grief counselor he has dedicated himself to help individuals and families to heal from their most painful moments in their lives. He also CANS certified to work with children and adolescent. 

We are subscribed to the American Psychological Associations guidelines on Diversity

• We are Committed to Cultural Awareness and Knowledge of Self and Others.   

• We encourage our Counseling staff to recognize the importance of multicultural sensitivity/responsiveness, knowledge, and understanding about ethnically and racially different individuals. 

• As educators, Counselors are encouraged to employ the constructs of multiculturalism and diversity in psychological education.    

• Culturally sensitive psychological researchers are encouraged to recognize the importance of conducting culture centered and ethical psychological research among persons from ethnic, linguistic, and racial minority backgrounds.   

• Counselors strive to apply culturally–appropriate skills in clinical and other applied psychological practices.   

• Counselors are encouraged to use organizational change processes to support culturally informed organizational (policy) development and practices.